Krups EA 82F8 Siilver
Krups EA 82F8 Siilver

Krups EA 82F8 Siilver

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Let yourself be spoiled by the new Krups technology. With the QuattroForce technology, Krups has deliberately refined and significantly optimized four central factors of coffee preparation. Discover with Krups LattŽEspress one of the smallest one-touch Cappuccino machines on the market: a finger pressure is sufficient for coffee, espresso or delicious coffee / milk specialties in perfection.


  • Power: 1,450 watts
  • LC display
  • Capacity of the coffee bean container: 275 g
  • Capacity of removable water tank: 1.7 l
  • Capacity of the coffee machine: 9
  • Patented Compact Thermoblock System: Hot coffee from the first cup
  • High quality brewing chamber made of stainless steel
  • Pump pressure: 15 bar 
  • Tamping pressure: 30 kg
  • One touch cappuccino (OTC) function
  • Variable volume of brewing unit: 6 - 9 g
  • Grinding degree settings: 3 steps
  • Preset coffee grounds: 3 levels
  • Setting the coffee temperature: 3 steps
  • Automatic double grinding cycle for large coffee: 2 x 60 ml - 2 x 120 ml
  • Milk system: One-touch cappuccino system with integrated milk container
  • Hot water function
  • Height adjustable coffee spout: 65 - 111 mm
  • Automatic decalcification alarm
  • Cleaning / decalcification program (automatic)
  • Aqua filter system
  • Programmable power-up
  • Programmable automatic shutdown
  • Starter pack: 3 cleaning tablets XS 3000, 1 decalcifying bag F 054, 1 water filter F 088 Claris Aqua filter system
  • Dimension (HxWxD): 38.8 x 28.3 x 36 cm
  • Color: Black
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