Bosch MUM4875EU (έως 12 δόσεις)
Bosch MUM4875EU (έως 12 δόσεις) Bosch MUM4875EU (έως 12 δόσεις) Bosch MUM4875EU (έως 12 δόσεις) Bosch MUM4875EU (έως 12 δόσεις)

Bosch MUM4875EU (έως 12 δόσεις)

141,99 € 190,00 € [-25%]

Άμεση παραλαβή / Παράδοση 1 έως 3 ημέρες

Εγγύηση: 2 ΕΤΗ

Κωδικός: 6050

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MultiMotion Drive
The dynamic planetary gear allows the mixing tools to rotate to the edge of the bowl by elliptical movement, so that the entire contents of the bowl are processed very carefully without leaving the dough on its edge.
Set of practical tips
The robot includes a set of tips: for kneading heavy dough, for light cake mixing and for whipping, such as cream, protein and pulp for sponge cake. Now every cake or cream you prepare perfectly.
Crusher for vegetables and fruits
Extremely versatile - quick and easy grinding, friction and cutting of various ingredients directly into the bowl. Stainless steel wheels provide a natural flavor of the prepared food and are easy to clean. Standard discs (5 functions): double-sided slicing disc (thick and thin), double-sided slicing disc (thick and thin), fine friction disc, eg chocolate.
A robust metal grinder will help you quickly and reliably process meat, fish, cheese, fruit and vegetables. Thanks to it, the preparation of delicious cutlets, pulpets, farce or pate is no challenge.
Cup mixer
Quick and easy preparation of healthy drinks, shakes or exceptional cocktails. Excellent versatility, such as blending soup, ice cubes, or easy and quick preparation of mayonnaise. Dishwasher-safe (except blade mounting).
Stainless steel bowl
A 3.9 liter stainless steel bowl can hold 0.75 kg of flour and other ingredients with a total weight of 2 kg.
Safety features
Maximum security in every situation and every application: guards for unused driving elements, safety locking mechanism for mixing bowl, additional accessory latch on accessories and many other features for active protection. 
Accessory stand
An excellent way to organize your workplace in any kitchen. All major accessories - discs and mixers are now in one and easily accessible place.
Power Consumption 600 W
Control 4 speeds
Management type mechanical
Planetary motion of baits Yes
Number of nozzles 6th
Blender 1 l
Jug material plastic
Meat grinder In the set
Nozzle Food Processor Yes
Grater (one-sided disc) Yes
Grater (double-sided disc) Yes
Shredding (double sided) Yes
Metal. Whisk whip Yes
Beater nozzle Yes
Hook for kneading dough Yes
Washing in the dishwasher
Washing in the dishwasher. The car Yes
Safety system
Smooth start of the engine Yes
Overheating trip Yes
Shutdown. With the lid open Yes
Power cord
Length of power cord 1.2 m
Compartment for power cord Yes
Housing material plastic
Material of the bowl Stainless steel. steel
Volume of the bowl 3.9 L
Rubberized feet Yes
Stand for nozzles Yes
DVD with cooking recipes Yes
Color dimensions and weight
Colour white
The weight 6 kg
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