JBL Cinema SB150

JBL Cinema SB150

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CINEMA SB150 από την JBL, σύστημα home cinema 2.1 που περιλαμβάνει μπάρα ήχου και ένα ασύρματο subwoofer μικρού μεγέθους. Υποστηρίζει Dolby Digital, οπτική είσοδο ήχου και ασύρματη σύνδεση μέσω Bluetooth.

The JBL Cinema SB150 let’s you introduce big cinema sound to your home for much less than you’d expect. In addition to its powerful yet compact wireless subwoofer, the JBL Cinema SB150 allows you to stream your favorite music from your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. Conveniently equipped with 3 different equalizer settings: “News”, “Music” and “Movie” ensures the best listening experience for the different video contents. You can also separately adjust the subwoofer’s volume for added control over the bass performance. Easily to connect with a single cable to any flat-panel TV, the JBL Cinema SB150 delivers 150W of room rattling audio and promises to be the sound solution your home has been looking for.

Τεχνικά χαρακτηριστικά:

  • Total Cinema SB150 amplifier power: 150W
  • Frequency response: 45Hz – 20kHz
  • Maximum SPL: 96dB
  • Total Cinema SB150 amplifier power: 150W
  • Subwoofer Dimension (L x W x H): 120 x 300 x 410mm
  • Subwoofer Weight: 4.2kg
  • Soundbar Weight: 1.5kg
  • Dimension Soundbar (L x W x H): 800 x 90 x 65mm

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